Fairport Harbor Congregational Church UCC

An Open &Affirming Congregation

Welcome!  Thank you for choosing to worship with us this morning!

Opportunities and Events:

We are moving forward with the strategic planning.
You are invited to participate in ministry team meetings where you feel called to bring voice to goals and service to achieve them. Please be prayerful about how you can be involved.

Upcoming meetings include: Building and Grounds Team, Sunday, August 26 at noon

Prayer Partner Ministry

The Faith Formation team is working to update the prayer partners by pairing up children who may not have one, with an adult prayer partner. Guidelines are available. If you would like to be involved, sign up in the fellowship hall. If you have questions, please talk to Tina.

We are collecting:

School supplies for the Fairport Harbor Schools and

Non-perishable foods and taxable items for the ecumenical Food pantry. Thank you for your generous donations that help our neighbors right here in our community!

Free Community Dinner, Tuesday, August 28!

Let us make dinner for you – Everyone is invited! Meals are served from 5-7pm on the last Tuesday of the month. There is room at the table for everyone!

Would you like to be a pray-er on the prayer chain?

During the week, prayer requests that come through the office are emailed to our prayer chain. The prayer chain members commit to praying ASAP for the requests and keeping all requests confidential. If you would like to be part of this ministry, please let Tina know. Thanks!

Adult Study will be back together in September.

We will be reading and studying Lillian Daniel’s book, Tired of Apologizing for a Church I Don’t Belong To. Library copies will be available or you can purchase your own.

Have you taken some cool pictures of church happenings?

We would love for you to share them with us! Just email them to the church at fairportucc@gmail.com. We will put them in our files and they may be used on social media or for special church events. Thanks!

Our church website has the church calendar of events and you can now donate online! Check it out at www.fairportharborucc.org

Pastor Tina’s office hours are Wed. 9-11:30am and Thurs. 4-6pm.

Tina is available to meet throughout the week. Contact her to set an appointment. Her email is pastortinagreen@gmail.com, Tina’s cell is 440.474.2821 (call or text)

Tina’s regular day off is Friday – emergency calls only please.

*Tina’s note: Please do not use facebook or facebook messenger as a way to contact me. Thank you.

Dates to Remember:

Sunday, August 19 – Council meeting after church at noon

Tuesday, August 28 – Free Community Dinner. Dessert donations are appreciated!



8/19  Enter the word: Tracy Lising  Children's Activity: Daisy Wooten  Greeters Ministry:  Beth  Scripture Reader: Charlotte  Acolyte: Brayden  Ushers: Cathy, Deb  Worship Leader: Dan

8/26  Enter the Word: Joy Libscomb  Children's Activity: Hannah Green  Greeters Ministry: Charlotte  Scripture Reader: Lesley  Acolyte: Stella  Ushers: Cathy, Chris  Worship Leader: James

9/2  Enter the Word: Pastor Tina  Children's Activity: Children In Church  Greeters Ministry: Tracy and Carlos  Scripture Reader: Cathy  Acolyte: Sara  Ushers: David, Sherie, Cathy  Worship Leader: Tina

9/9  Enter the Word: Charlotte  Children's Activity: Charlotte Greeters Ministry: Sherie  Scripture Reader: Kat  Acolyte: Aiden  Ushers: Joe, Mary Anne  Worship Leader: Cathy

Counters for August: Adam and Nick

Counters for September: Beth and Carol

Attendance for 8/12/18: 53, including 5 children

Focus Scripture for next week, August 26: Esther

Reprints of music is under One License A-725714.

µµPictures may be taken at this service and posted online.